SBBG Engineering Ltd

History of Company

Founded in 2010, and based in Birmingham, SBBG Engineering Ltd offers EMC Compliance Testing and Problem Solving skills. The Company owner and CEO obtained his first degree at Liverpool University where he took an Electronics Engineering course, leaving in 1972 with an honours degree. Thence to Cranfield University for Post Graduate work in the field of Microwave Electronics. The thesis topic was Planar Array Microwave Theory and Design which was published in the European Microwave Conference Proceedings 1976 and for which he was awarded the Browne-Blumlein-Williams prize for innovative research.

CV of G J Bradley-Wilson, 7th July 2017

Contact Details

Tel: +44 (0)121 580 8881
Mobile: 0782 5678 430
5, Four Oaks Court
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
B74 2UX

My ideal role.  I enjoy working with people, and have done all my life.  I thrive as a member of a team, although I can work alone. I am flexible.  I enjoy the challenge of R&D, especially when working to tight deadlines.  I realise that a penny saved in production processes can mount up and show as profit on the bottom line.  I am commercially aware, and sensitive to my environment.  I enjoyed my time as a Sales Engineer.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Systems Integration Engineer.
My ideal location is anywhere within 50 miles of Birmingham UK, although if the rate is interesting, this is negotiable.  

Personal Resume

I am a hands-on engineer with practical design skills in the Analogue design field. My background is one of Radar Antenna design, and has been throughout my entire working life. I can adapt to most situations, and I can work either as a team member, or alone. My current key skill is EMC Engineering and fault diagnosis which I have practised for many years.

I am an excellent communicator, and over the years have gained experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Having a background in Sales & Marketing, also lecturing, I am aware how to drive my points home with tact and diplomacy. 

Age: 65 DOB 17/2/52. Health: Excellent. Marital status. In a relationship.

Preferred work.

Automotive design or support.
EMC test and engineering. (UKAS Lab work)
Internet related work.

Key skills resume:  
  • 20 years Antenna design
  • 15 years Analog design
  • 20 years EMC engineering
  • 10 years RF design
  • 5 years Technical authoring
  • 4 years Production engineering
  • Learning conversational French, and Spanish. I also speak fairly good German.
  • Learning Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Learning PIC programming
  • Exposed to AutoCad 2011 (2D only)

Courses attended for Professional Development

  • Internal Auditor (for NEC Mobile phones)
  • Attended an Omicron Engineering application course for the testing of grid components and relays
  • Honing my 'C' programming skills through CompuServe as well as studying embedded processor techniques
  • Attended an EMC training seminar at the EMC Conference in Newbury 8 October 2013

Brief summary of relevant employment

  • June 2015 to July 2017

  • Alstom Grid, as EMC Certification Engineer for Grid Relays. Wrote EMC design manual for high speed circuit board layout for general use; specifically for NTP project. Working in a UKAS accredited EMC Lab.
  • Nov 2014 to May 2015

  • Cubic Transport as Electronics Design Engineer, with specific responsibilities for EMC Test Spec writing and preparation work. Initial task – to carry out circuit simulations using LTSpiceIV.
  • October 2014

  • Vacation
  • February 2014 to September 2014

  • Alstom Grid, as EMC Certification Engineer for Grid Relays. Working in a UKAS accredited EMC Lab.
  • November 11 2013 to February 2014

  • Ad-hoc visits to Schneider Energy to assist in relay EMC testing. Working in a UKAS accredited EMC Lab.
  • October 2013 to November 11 2013

  • Honing my 'C' programming skills through CompuServe as well as studying embedded processor techniques. Also attended an EMC training seminar at the EMC Conference in Newbury 8 October 2013.
  • May 2012 to September 2013

  • Freelance with Schneider Electric, Stone. EMC Engineer working with Intelligent Electricity Grid relays. Day to day duties: Programming and setting up relays for EMC testing, evaluating results of some tests. Setting up and running various EN61000 and ANSI EMC tests. Proposing solutions to EMC related issues found during testing. Acting as experienced relay engineer in support during external test house activities. Working in a UKAS accredited EMC Lab.
  • August 2011 to May 2012

  • Druck Pressure sensors, part of GE. Employed as root cause analysis engineer for both commercial and aerospace pressure sensors. Day to day duties: To examine pressure sensors to find out why and how they failed during Production. To assess the current Production methods and to improve. To suggest changes in manufacturing methods. To generally improve Quality. To write Technical Notes and Reports to circulate my findings.
  • August 2010 – August 2011

  • Alstom Grid, assigned to R&D, fixing EMC issues associated with low voltage logic boards (1v5). I was presented with a problem system which contained a microprocessor and low voltage SRAM. On the front of the panel was a pair of D-Type connectors, which when struck with an ESD gun (30A, 1uS, 8kV) rebooted. I analysed the problem and determined that the reset was in fact occurring at a much lower ESD voltage when any of the 4 mounting posts on the connectors were struck. Having established the mechanism for failure, it was rectified by a minor change to the circuit board and an improved earth. The system is now robust upto greater than 9 kV. Working in a UKAS accredited EMC Lab.
  • August 2009 – August 2010

  • Alstom Grid, Stafford employed as contractor as Certification Engineer testing MV voltage intelligent switches for the National Grid. Working in a UKAS accredited EMC Lab. Day to day duties included EMC testing of Protection relays, preparing draft reports. Able to run IEC61000 tests, Fast Transient, Surge, Power dips, etc.
  • Sept 2008 – August 2009

  • JaguarLandrover (part of TATA Group) Employed as contractor, title – EMC Engineer.  (UKAS Lab).   Day to day duties included running the EMC Test Chamber, executing agreed tests for Susceptibility and both on-board and off board emissions to ensure that the vehicles met the IEC EMC regulations.  Emissions measured to CISPR 25, susceptibility at 100V/m.  I am skilled in investigation procedures using Field probes to trace the source of RF noise.  Occasionally, I assisted the technical specialists investigating causes of spurious emissions in vehicles. I also assisted the Quality Manager with the calibration of the Chamber to ensure uniform field strength between 1 MHz and 3 GHz.  I also maintained the test equipment.  I perused Test Plans to agree test specs with both internal and external clients, and brought upto date all of the test procedures. 
  • May 2001 – Nov 2003

  • Sendo Mobile Phones, Birmingham. Primary role - Accessories Engineer, secondary role was EMC Engineer.  
  • 18 July 2000 - 28th February 2001

  • Eurotelecom as R&D Research Engineer. Area of interest for the Company is "Intelligent Buildings", Security systems such as Fingerprint Identification, Facial recognition, Video Pedestrian counting systems and door access systems. Exposed to covert surveillance techniques. My background task there is to ensure that all products, either purchased or manufactured conform to the EMC Directive.  The Company went into receivership on 28th February 2001.
  • 1983 – 2000

  • Worked for numerous companies mainly as a contract engineer, rarely out of work. In no particular order:

    * Designed and Productionised the Rapier Surveillance Radar
    * Did a spell as a Production Engineer
    * Designed traffic speed radars, and static target detectors
    * Solved numerous EMC Issues, even before EMC was a ‘Management’ buzz word
    * Written numerous design manuals for companies of best practise design for EMC
    * Lectured on antennas and propagation

  • 1981 – 1983

  • Westinghouse, Calne to improve the design of the TALUS Remote Terminal Unit. The problem was conducted and radiated emissions 15dB above the limit, and was cured by a redesign of the Processor boards and Switched Mode Power Supply boards, supervised by myself.
  • 1979 - 1981

  • Mektron Circuit Systems Ltd. European Technical specialist for RT/Duroid. Sales and Marketing.
  • 1976 – 1979

  • STC Components, Paignton, Devon. My task, to design and get into production the Rapier Surveillance antenna. Achieved on time and within budget.
  • 1972 - 1976

  • RMCS, Shrivenham. Post Graduate work, the thesis being "Design of Planar Microstrip Antennas."  
  • 1969 - 1972

  • Liverpool University 2/1 degree Electronics Engineer (Hons)
REFERENCES: Available on request.